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Current issues and research results related to tree and vine crops in Sacramento County.

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Sacramento/N. Coast Pear Research Meeting

2019 Sacramento and North Coast Pear Research Meeting to be sponsored by UC Capitol Extension, the CA Pear Advisory Boar and the Pear Pest Management Research Fund on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

DOCX 1/15/19
June 2018 (456KB)

Tree Fruit Orchard Tour: High-Efficiency Tree Architecture and Harvest Aids for Cherries, Pears, and Apples

Tues., June 26, 2018, 8:30 AM to 3:45 PM

Walnut Grove and Linden, CA

See flyer and registration form below (click on the link).  Space is limited!

For more information, contact Chuck Ingels, caingels@ucanr.edu, (916) 875-6913 (office), or (916) 835-7458 (cell)


Click for Flyer/registration form

PDF 5/24/18
March 2018 (370KB)

Clarksburg Grape Day - Feb. 6, 2018

PDF 3/2/18
January 2018 (333KB)

Pear Research Meeting - Feb. 6, 2018 (Agenda)

Clarksburg Grape Day - Mar. 6, 2018 (Preliminary Agenda)

PDF 1/30/18
January 2017 (926KB)

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Slowly Spreading; Heat Knocks Them Down but Not Out

2017 Sacramento River District Pear Research Meeting

Clarksburg Grape Day – SAVE THE DATE

New Web Site – UC Cooperative Extension, Capitol Corridor

Web Soil Survey with Mobile App

Weed and Nitrogen Management in Organic Orchards in Washington and Relevance to Sacramento Delta Orchards

PDF 1/12/17
February 2016 (511KB)

Crop Susceptibility and Monitoring for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
Clarksburg Grape Day - March 2, 2016

PDF 11/28/16
January 2016 (599KB)

Fire Blight Focus: Resistance to Bactericides and Managing Fire Blight

Clarksburg Grape Day

Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
June 2015 (777KB)

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Sugar Accumulation Disorder Affecting Several Vineyards
Stunting Disorder of Young Vineyards
Sunrise Pear Looks Promising
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Regulations for Shipping Produce
Vineyard Herbicide Trial Field Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
February 2015 (666KB)

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Our Multi-County Partnership: Capitol Corridor
Calcium and AVG Improve Long-Term Storage of Pears
Clarksburg District Grape Day

PDF 11/28/16
January 2015 (654KB)

Winter Chilling and Rest Breaking
Tracking Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in 2014
Upcoming Meetings
Grapevine Red Blotch Disease (GRBaV)
2015 Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
February 2014 (441KB)

Clarksburg District Grape Day

PDF 11/28/16
January 2014 (523KB)

Update on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Characteristics, Spread, and Management
New Publications
Upcoming Meetings
Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
February 2013 (206KB)


Clarksburg District Grape Day


PDF 11/28/16
January 2013 (150KB)

2013 Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
Agrotourism Intensive (349KB) PDF 11/28/16
February 2012 (215KB)


Cherry Rootstocks for Sacramento County
Cherry Rootstock and Training Trial
Clarksburg District Grape Day 2012


PDF 11/28/16
January 2012 (186KB)

*Integrated Pest Management for Vine Mealybugs in Wine Grapes
*The Dry Winter and Phytotoxicity from Dormant Sprays
*Upcoming Meetings
*New Publications
*Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
February 2011 (2) (199KB)

Clarksburg Grape Day

PDF 11/28/16
February 2011 (202KB)

Organic Tree Fruit Workshop

PDF 11/28/16
January 2011 (274KB)

*Grapevine Canker Disease: Our Leading Vineyard Pest Problem
*New Super Pest: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
*Upcoming Meetings
*Pear Research Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
November 2010 (273KB)

*Potassium Nutrition in Vineyards
*Use of Kocide 3000 for Fire Blight Control
*New Online Evapotranspiration Forecast Product
*New Publications
*Herbicide Registration Table

PDF 11/28/16
February 2010 (185KB)

Clarksburg Wine Grower Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
January 2010 (271KB)

* Dormancy, Chill Accumulation, Rest-Breaking and Freeze Damage: What Are the Risks?
* Chill Hours vs. Chill Portions and Yearly Comparisons
* Kocide 3000 for Fire Blight Control: Effective and Doesn't Russet Fruit, But Consider Copper Resistance
* 2010 Sacramento River District Pear Research Meeting
* Spotted Wing Drosophila Update

PDF 11/28/16
May 2009 (215KB)

Field Meeting: Spray Technology & Calibration

PDF 11/28/16
February 2009 (300KB)

Clarksburg District Wine Grower Meeting
Revising the Gubler-Thomas Model for Powdery Mildew

PDF 11/28/16
January 2009 (278KB)

2009 Pear Research Meeting
Chill Portions & Dormant Spray Timing
Summary of Research & Extension Needs of Organic Growers
UC Publication on Mediation; Upcoming Meetings

PDF 11/28/16
October 2008 (276KB)

Organic Weed and Nitrogen Management for Tree Fruits
OSU's Organic Fertilizer Calculator
Grow Local and Buy Local for Sacramento County
Sacramento County Farmers' Markets and Urban Farm Stands on the Web
Wild Turkey Study
Videotaped UC Grapevine Leafroll Class Online
Special Edition of California Agriculture on Sustainable Viticulture, October - November 2008
Upcoming Meetings

PDF 11/28/16
July 2008 (70KB)

Grape Powdery Mildew Field Day 8/6/2008
Overview of the use of weather data for determining heat summation for classification of grapevine climate regions of California

PDF 11/28/16
February 2008 (75KB)

Clarksburg Wine Grower Meeting
Bacterial canker and blast of cherry: Pseudomonas Syringae
Growing Blueberries in Sacramento County
Sacramento County Agritourism Resources
Sacramento Valley Area Plant Pathology

PDF 11/28/16
January 2008 (41KB)


2008 Pear Research Meeting


PDF 11/28/16
July 2007 (187KB)

Vineyard field meeting

PDF 11/28/16
May 2007 (281KB)

Research Update: Syrah Deficit Irrigation and Crop Load Trial
Esca (Black Measles) and Petri Disease (Young Esca) of Grapevines
New Super Pest: Light Brown Apple Moth
Vineyard Winter Injury
Eliminate the Williamson Act?
New Publications
UC Cooperative Extension Highlights

PDF 11/28/16
February 2007 (33KB)

Clarksburg Wine Grower Meeting

PDF 11/28/16
January 2007 (235KB)

2007 Pear Research Meeting
Using Fall Orchard Monitoring and Weather Data to Manage Pear Scab
New Publications
New Online Registry for Grape Varieties
UC Integrated Viticulture Online
Upcoming Meetings

PDF 11/28/16
October 2006 (242KB)

Pear Field Meeting, Oct. 26, 2006
Patho-Jen Corner
Survey of Sacramento County Grape Varieties, Clones, and Rootstocks
Rest-Breaking Alternatives for Sweet Cherry and an Update on Chill Accumulation
New Publications

PDF 11/28/16
August 2005 (168KB)

Sabbatical Leave
High-Density Pear Systems and Mechanization Vineyard Cover Crops UC Releases New Cherry Root stocks Trying a New Practice? Test with Appropriate Methods Other Items

PDF 11/28/16
February 2004 (180KB)

Budget cuts affect UC Cooperative Extension Statewide
Proposed elimination of Cooperative Extension in Sacramento County
Vine mealybug found in several Sacramento County vineyards
New UC vine mealybug web site
Agricultural easement study
2004 Sacramento River district pear research meeting

PDF 11/28/16
October 2003 (156KB)

Pear Fruit Rot Problems
Post-harvest Nitrogen Fertilization of Grapes
Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Update
New Pear Cost Studies Available
Tree & Vine Loss Calculator
Irrigation Pump Efficiency Program Offers $6.4 Million
New Publications
Upcoming Meetings

PDF 11/28/16
January 2003 (161KB)

Annual Pear Research Meeting
Vine Mealybug Prevention and Control
UCCE Newsletters On-Line
Other Upcoming Meetings

PDF 11/28/16
September 2002 (150KB)

Vine Mealybug found in Sacramento

PDF 11/28/16
June 2002 (171KB)

New Cost of Production Studies
DNA Analysis of Grapes Now Available
Tissue Sampling for Nutrients
Growing Blueberries
Young Vine Decline Present in Sacramento
Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Update

PDF 11/28/16
January 2002 (215KB)

Update on Pear Pruning Trial
Welcome New County Director Barrett
Share Lease Arrangement Guide
Plant New Trees High

PDF 11/28/16
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