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Here is a Reminder Why You Should Always Use Your Safety Gear When Spraying

Anybody who has sprayed with me knows how uptight I am about wearing all the safety equipment required by the label, and for sure safety glasses always.  You only have one pair of eyes.

This morning was only the second time this has happened in a two decade career of spraying, but here you go. No idea of how this came about, but a splash of formulated product got up around my eyes, but fortunately I had my safety glasses on. Sticky stuff too, so it would hurt like the dickens and would have been a bear to wash out.  Since I had my glasses on, it never got there, so rather than having a disaster today, I just wiped it off the droplet and kept going.

Stay safe and have a nice day.



Posted on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 8:49 AM
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