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Example of Full Automation - Ocado Fully Automated Warehouse

Ocado just got picked up by the supermarket chain Kroger in a bid to enhance the grocer's online business so it's been in the news. In particular the operation of its warehouse has been getting some attention. 

People in agriculture shouldn't think they are the only ones straining how to integrate automation into their operations.  Egroceries is a pretty tricky deal, even Amazon is wrestling with it and the idea of "store picking" (where an employee goes out into the physical store to fulfill the orders) is waaay too expensive for a low margin business like food retail and is not it.  Hence the build out you see here.

If you are interested in automating agriculture, you should watch this and think about it.  What strikes me about the whole set up is how it plays to the strengths of the machines rather than those of people.

Have a look.













Posted on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 4:41 PM

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